ReCom Resource Recovery provides a wide range of landscaping materials for home owners and contractors alike.  With a full line of high quality stone, gravel, natural and colored mulch, compost and firewood, our knowledgeable staff will help you find the right material for the job as well as provide advice for installation. 

We deliver within a 20 mile radius of Midland call for more information.

ReCom also accepts yard waste (grass clippings, leaves, branches up to 12" in diameter) and through grinding and processing, we are able to convert it into value added products.

Added benefits of processing this otherwise wasted resource are that we keep it out of the landfill where it takes up space and generates toxic greenhouse gases as it slowly breaks down.

Please accept this invitation to visit ReCom to learn more about how you can create a beautiful environment for your home or business.


ReCom employs a knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff.  Customer service and satisfaction are the cornerstone of our business.  Great products at fair prices is what you will find when you visit our facility.  ReCom's new management looks forward to welcoming you and assisting you in your next landscaping project.

Ask about our volume discounts!